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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Week 1 - weight loss journal

22 to 28 of December

I've been struggling with my weight pretty much since I was a child, I was always overweight. Last year around this time I started a weight loss journey that led me to lose around 20kg. I'm still trying to lose weight although sometimes I tend to lose some motivation. I am starting a weight loss journal to document my journey and maybe inspire others to do the same.I'll start posting weekly updates on what I've been eating, my measurements, what kind of exercise I've done and other things I might remember. I am not a weight loss or diet expert, this is simply my personal experience on losing weight and adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Measurements (measured on Sunday, the 28th)

Height: 164cm
Waist: 92cm
Hips: 114cm
Thighs: 77cm
Chest: 114cm

    Food Journal

    Okay I need to be honest here and let you know that during Christmas I have committed a few sins, namely a lot of chocolate. But apart from the 24th and 25th, I've been trying to control what I eat, specially the portions. I love food so I tend to eat way more than I need. I try to control my portions by eating in a very small plate - it will become crammed with food very quickly since it's small and you'll feel like you're eating a lot because the plate is so full. I've been having yogurt/banana for breakfast, at lunch and dinner I ate meat (usually chicken or pork) with salad or with pasta and broccoli. I have to say I'm not a fan of broccoli at all but if you mix it in with some pasta and spices you barely taste it. As snacks I had a piece of fruit or tea. I've increased my water intake to around 2L of water per day.


    As far as exercise goes there's two things I enjoy doing: one is dance workout videos and another is taking a long walk with my dog. So around 3/4 times a week I'll do one or the other. There are loads of dance workout videos on youtube that you can access for free, and walking is also free. I can make a post on my favourite workout videos later.
    As for this week, I exercised 4 times, two of them were dance workout videos  (40 minutes each time) and the other two were walking the dog (around 50minutes each walk, 4.3km).

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