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Friday, 10 April 2015

OUTFIT | Hello Spring

Okay, so technically spring started quite a few days ago. We took pictures of this outfit in a beautiful park and I thought it would be perfect to say hi to spring and wish it a looooong stay. I love spring and all it represents, nature reclaims the land and birds start singing, everything is beautiful and the streets are filled with life and people that come out to feel the first rays of sunshine. I would write a poem dedicated to spring if I was a tad bit more poetic than "spring, I like that shit".

This dress is not only beautiful (in my opinion) but it's also very special to me because it's what I was wearing the first time me and my boyfriend met, and he loves it just as much.

Oh and by the way, that cute flower crown? My boyfriend mentioned he used to make flower crowns with his grandmother when he was younger. We've been dating for over a year and I am still waiting for my flower crown. So this one is store bought at Primark.

Dress: Primark (16) - similar here
Flower crown: Primark
Cardigan: H&M (XL)
Cover-up: no idea
Sandals: Ipanema

P.S.: The background was retouched to make the surroundings look more whimsical.

Tecnicamente a Primavera já começou há uns bons dias. Tirámos estas fotografias nos jardins do Palácio da Pena e achei que eram perfeitas para dizer olá à Primavera e desejar-lhe uma longa estadia. Adoro este vestido, não só porque a cor é muito bonita mas também por ser o que estava a usar quando conheci o meu actual namorado.

Vestido: Primark (16) - parecido aqui
Coroa de flores: Primark (comprada muito recentemente por isso ainda a apanham se lá forem)
Casaco: H&M (XL)
Coberta: não sei
Sandálias: Ipanema

P.S.: O fundo das fotografias foi retocado para que o background parecesse uma floresta encantada.

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